Sunday, July 22, 2007

1st weekend, July 21st & 22nd

The first day of class went well, woke up, ate breakfast, 4 hours of lecture, lunch, and a boat ride out to Rattlesnake Island. We measured turbidity, conductivity, depth, pH, temperature with the Sonde, the Secchi and several other instruments. I learned a lot, but it was intense. The weekend was beautiful. Christmas in July couldn't have been on a better weekend. Watch out for those shots from the beer barrel, they taste waay too good. But the water taxi came through again and I made it home safe. After a day out on a friends boat soaking in the sun and an eventful paddle boat ride to Gibraltar I am now back in my dorm. Tomorrow I work again and will help with the lighthouse starting at 10:30. We will see what else good ol' Put-N-Bay has in store. Tootles.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Stone Lab in The Lantern!

Check out the article in The Lantern, OSU's campus newspaper about Stone Lab. Learn about the REU experience as Aaron Wibberely describes it, and even hear what professors think. Can't get enough of The Island Snake Lady, Kristin Stanford? Don't worry she's in there too!

Remote island lab offers students unique opportunity to learn - Campus

The first term is almost over and we're getting ready to welcome a new batch of bloggers, so keep an eye out for the new links to left.