Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer at Stone Lab

This summer's crop of Stone Lab bloggers have been busy recording their experiences from one-day workshops, one-week classes, and five-week term courses. Check out the writings of this hard-working bunch:

Josh kicked off the summer with his blog about his one-week Lake Erie Sport Fishing class. He was on a boat every day and often long into the evening, though the fish just didn't seem to want to take the bait.

Mary, a high school student, took the Stone Lab plunge with a Field-Based Introduction to Oceanography class this summer.

Gary took a five-week course in Limnology while working part-time at Stone Lab--chatting with guests at the Aquatic Visitors Center and manning the bookstore.

Casey spent five weeks studying Evolution. He got to hunt for salamanders and catch and measure birds--and got some great photos!

Stephanie had a whirlwind tour of Stone Lab during her one-day Ichthyoplankton Identification Workshop. It's hard to tell all those tiny creatures apart, but she met the challenge.