Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stone Lab Now Hiring: Bloggers!

Last year marked the beginning of a new Stone Lab Communications Project: Student Blogs. More than 10 students participated in an online project to write journals and document their experiences over the summer while taking a course on Ohio State’s Island Campus. All the bloggers who participated earned a free Stone Lab drawstring backpack and were entered in a raffle for a pair of Cedar Point tickets for their hard work writing and maintaining their blogs all summer. Thanks to all the students who participated!

This summer, the search for bloggers continues. If you’re a student taking a course at Stone Lab and want to share your experiences, then writing a Stone Lab blog is for you! Your first-hand accounts of course work, field trips, and lab data will be used as a record of the different experiences offered at Stone Lab every summer. Future students will be just a click away from seeing what happens in a hands-on science class on Lake Erie. And remember, you’ll earn a free Stone Lab drawstring backpack, and maybe even two tickets to Cedar Point!

To read last year’s blogs, visit For more information on blogging this summer, contact Daniella Nordin at 614.292.8949.