Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stone Lab Backpacks!

Greetings bloggers (and whomever else is out there in the Blogosphere)!

I know most of the bloggers have heard by now, but the Stone Lab Backpacks are officially in and ready for the taking! As a reward for all those hard-working bloggers, these drawstring backpacks are free to those who spent the summer documenting their course work at Stone Lab.

As you can see, the backpacks come in blue, red, or black and for those of you who are interested, and this includes the bloggers' family members, we are preparing to sell the backpacks for 6 dollars each. All checks can be made out toThe Ohio State University. If you have any questions, contact Nancy at

Also, look out for our Student Feature article in the next issue of Twine Line, we're spotlighting fellow blogger Jennifer Yi!

Hope the beginning of the school year has found everyone doing well, happy blogging!

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